Bruce Rosenblatt

Bruce Rosenblatt


Bruce Rosenblatt has over 30 years of experience in the senior housing industry and owns Senior Housing Solutions, a senior housing placement company in Southwest Florida established in 2008. Over the years, he has had many requests from clients who require out of town research as well as advisors reaching out to him who have clients wanting to move to his area. Because of the time consuming task of doing out of town research along with not having personal knowledge of the various options in a certain city, the concept of locating ‘like-minded’ advisors and uniting them throughout the country was conceived.

Developing and maintaining partnerships with advisors across the country is a main goal of the NNSHA. The potential is limitless. The benefit of being able to expand your market reach by referring clients to qualified senior housing advisors to cities where you are unfamiliar and having nationwide exposure to other advisors who have similar needs, with the potential of receiving compensation for your referrals is a win-win for all.

By enjoying exclusivity within your market, you are able to reap the awards of this network without the concern a competitor getting the referral as well.  Proudly displaying the NNSHA logo on your website and marketing materials informs your clients (and competition) that you are part of a nationwide resource to best assist them in finding the senior housing option that meets their needs and preferences.

NNSHA  will evolve in time which is very exciting. Being a resource for you and a place where best practices can be shared will help all of us grow..Sponsorships are available to businesses within our industry to share information about their services that may benefit your company.  

To our success!