National Network Of
Senior Housing Advisors (NNSHA)

Improving The Level Of Service To Our Clients By Uniting Senior Housing Advisors Across The Country.


    When you have a client, who is considering a move to a senior community outside of your market, follow these steps:

    1. Search the Advisor Directory for a Senior Housing Advisor in that area
    2. Contact the advisor and agree upon the terms
    3. Refer your client to the advisor
    4. Maintain contact with the advisor on the status of your referral
    5. Depending upon your terms – receive your agreed upon referral fee


    • Access to nationwide network of like-minded Senior Housing Advisors
    • Exclusivity within your own market
    • Expand market reach with potential of increase in revenue
    • Profile listing in Advisor Directory including bio and website link
    • Potential to generate referrals from markets outside of your area
    • Collaborate with other Senior Housing Advisors on best practices
    • Compete against internet-based search providers
    • Proudly display NNSHA’s logo on your website and promotional literature
    • Increased exposure through social media outlets
    • Access to resources to improve your business